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Helping Your Dental Plan Help You

How much do you really understand about your dental insurance? You probably already know that it makes paying for dental care a little easier, but are you getting the absolute most out of your plan? Our insurance experts at Ethos Family Dental can review your policy with you, explain your coverage, and help you explore different easy payment options. For a quick lesson on the ins-and-outs of dental insurance, keep reading below; call us if you have further questions.


Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

Typical health insurance is focused on paying for treatments after damage has already been done. Dental insurance is different; the services that focus most on prevention (such as checkups and cleanings) are the ones that get the most coverage. The idea is to provide incentive for patients to have minor dental problems taken care of early on so that there's less need for more expensive treatments later. Of course, restorative treatments are still covered, but percentage-wise it's less than what's provided for preventive care.

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

You can usually expect your dental insurance plan structure to look something like this:

  • Checkups and other forms of preventive care are 100% covered.
  • Basic treatments like fillings are covered around 80%.
  • More advanced, invasive treatments like tooth extraction are covered around 50%.
  • Elective procedures such as Invisalign aren't covered at all.

Every dental insurance plan is different, so your provider's coverage may look somewhat different than this. You can ask one of our staff members to go over your plan with you to confirm your benefits.

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