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We can see you the same day! We will get you out of pain.

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We accept all PPO insurances. You will have to pay $0 out of pocket with PPO Insurance for your emergency exam.

No Insurance

We know the last thing you want to think about is pricing when you are in pain. We want to be transparent with you from the get-go so you can completely relax once you are in the dental chair. If you don't have insurance, take advantage of our $99 special that will include an exam and any x-rays we have to take to diagnose the problem.

Home Remedies for Tooth Pain


Salt Water Rinse

Rinsing with salt water can provide immediate relief. Salt water is a natural way to clean out bacterial infection and reduce inflammation. Add a small amount of salt to warm water and swish around then spit. Repeat a few times.


Flossing may help dislodge any food particle that may be stuck in between your teeth and be the source of the pain.

Ice Pack Compress

Oral pain is often accompanied by swelling (inflamation). If you don't have a cold compress, put ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap the plastic bag with cloth. Apply for 15 minutes to the region outside of your face that correspondes to where the toothpain is. This will reduce the inflamation and provide pain relief.


Cloves contain eugenol, a natural form of anesthetic and antiseptic. It is an ancient remedy that is still used in modern dentistry. This simple remedy involves placing a few whole cloves in your mouth and holding the crushed cloves against your aching tooth for about 30 minutes before spitting them out.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can reduce inflamation and provide great relief from tooth pain. If the aforementioned measures have been futile, we recommend following the instructions for these over-the-counter medication.

Topical Gels

Over-the-counter topical gels containing a pain reliever can provide immediate relief. Simply apply the gel topically to the affected area. A pharmacy can help you choose a topical anesthetic.
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Our Patients Love Us


Ethos family dental is one of a kind! Had an emergency tooth abscess in another state and found them on the Internet, called and was in, and helped within 24 hours! Can’t say enough how grateful I am. Plus the environment was extremely calming and my uncertainty at dental offices was truly taken care of! Thank you so much Ethos Family Dental!
Penelope Jenkins

My appreciation for this is so much more than I express. The dental staffs at Ethos Family Dental in New Lenox are Amazing. I'm not a good patient when it comes to dentist I'm a hard to handle person. I've had bad experiences with dentist in my childhood. Christi and Dr. Goyal are the best in this profession. Also want to mention Florentina for her help. All of them were very helpful nice professional attentive to me and my situation...

So needed to make an appointment cause of a broken tooth, got in the same day and very friendly staff. Including the therapy dog that helps with anxiety. She was sweet!
Eaman A

I was seen on time and felt comfortable throughout the entire appointment. Christi did a good job cleaning my teeth. The staff seem to really enjoy dentistry. I like that the office is high end and they let me know my out of pocket payment before doing any treatment
Steve Kostro

Great dental business. Family friendly and convenient. New business in the area reaching out to the community.

I had a dental emergency and Dr. Goyal and Christi were able to see me right away. They helped calm me down and were able to take me out of pain. I am so grateful for their help and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of dental services. Thank you so much Dr. Goyal
Wendy Onofre

Appreciate Dr. Goyle coming in after hour to help with my tooth pain. I was in and out in approximately an hour. Excellent service!
Moke Kisciarz

I had a terrible toothache and needed to see a dentist right away. I called Ethos Family Dental and they were able to fit me in for an emergency appointment the same day. The staff was so friendly and understanding, and they did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Goyal was able to quickly diagnose the problem and put me out of pain. I was so grateful for their excellent care and plan on taking my dental health more seriously from now on
Bipin Attavane

This place just opened up and is so beautifully built. I came in for a cleaning with Christi, went in right away no wait. She spent a good hour and a half with me and told me so much about my teeth that not many have ever informed me about. Then the doctor came in and helped me fix a couple of areas where I was constantly getting food stuck in. Definitely will go back for my cleaning in 6 months with Christi!
James Albecker

I went for a cleaning. I was impressed by the upscale atmosphere. I really appreciated how friendly and professional the staff were. The treatment room seemed state of the art and the chairs were soooo comfy I almost fell asleep. Thankfully, all was well with my teeth this time around so I'll only have to come back for my next cleaning. I definitely recommend Ethos dental for great dental care and an all around pleasant experience.
Robin Carr

Dr. Goyal and his staff are by far the best dental team ever! This office is friendly, warm, immaculate, with very fast and efficient service. Dr. Goyal is patient and makes all of his patients feel cared for. He will be my family dentist for many years to come!
Nigam Shah

My mom had a dental emergency and they were able to see her the same day even though we aren’t their regular patients. Her extraction was painless. Really appreciated how well they took care of her. Thank you.
Robert Cachro

I recently visited as a new patient and my experience was great. Coming from a history of bad experiences at other dental offices, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. My dentist was thorough and patient in explaining the procedures and addressed all my concerns. The clean and modern facilities made my visit an efficient and comfortable one. Thank you to the entire team for making my visit such a positive one

Our Pledge

Dental Office Chair
We promise to value what our patients value: health, vitality, beauty

We promise to provide craftmanship and stand by our work

We promise to educate our patients about their oral health

We commit to staying current with the latest education, innovations, and potential in the dental industry

Word from Your Doctor

Your Doctor Dr. Goyal

My philosophy as a practitioner has been to meet the patient's mind before I meet the patient's mouth.

Signature Dr. Goyal
Hey everyone—

I'm Dr. Goyal — owner of Ethos Family Dental.

I am a God-fearing man so please don't mistake what I am about to say for hubris.

When coming up with our dental office's name, the non-negotiable for me was having the word 'family' in it for two reasons:
  1. Well because we are a family dental office that treats everyone from toddlers to grandparents. We also do most of our treatment in-house. More on this later.

  2. We really are one big happy family. You will feel our enthusiasm and pride for the work we do the moment you walk in.

A little about me:
  • I went to Nova Southeastern University in Miami

  • Worked for a cosmetic dentist where I dealt with some of the toughest cases and really honed my skills as a dentist

  • Was offered partnership at the aforementioned cosmetic dental office

  • Instead, decided to start Ethos Family Dental

  • Brought all the people I enjoyed working with over to this office

  • We are growing beyond our imagination thanks to word of mouth from our patients

Our goal is to make you satisfied. This means you should be allowed to ask questions and advocate for yourself. We will explain everything from your cost to the procedure.

I hope you enjoy Ethos Family Dental. Give us a try.
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